We provide high-quality line of business applications. We also extend and support existing applications.

We know that it is daunting to be faced with an IT need. There are so many choices out there. How do you know who to trust? We understand that to your eyes, code is just code and programming languages and technologies no more than acronym soup. We have years of experience with software development and we do this every day. Our promises are backed by a track record of delivering solid solutions. References are available.

Our people are very passionate about what we do. With TCDAL, the right way is the only way! Oftentimes, the hard way is the easy way because doing it the easy way now makes it a nightmare to maintain later.

We work with all aspects of the software development lifecycle, from gathering requirements, to architecture design, to writing the code, to extending functionality, and finally, to end-of-life. No job is too big or too small.

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Daniel Allen Langdon

Daniel is a veteran of enterprise application development for the Department of Defense and other large organizations with extensive IT needs. He is heavily experienced with all aspects of the web stack from Javascript in the browser, ASP.net on the web server (including MVC), and SQL on the database server. Daniel also works with maintenance and modernization of legacy web applications, such as VBScript applications.

Enterprise systems that Daniel has designed and maintained in the past inclue:

- Inventory Tracking Systems
- Online Web Ordering Systems
- Reservation Systems
- Personnel Management Systems
- Data Analysis Systems

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We are looking to develop new business in the metro areas of Denver. We are interested in adding an experienced account executive to our team to expand our presence in these markets.

We are also looking for graphics designers we can partner with.

We can be reached by e-mail reached at and by phone at 806-224-8749.